Large Format Machining

The latest technology in precision machining and manufacturing on the Space Coast

The revolutionary resources we have in our shop allow us to fabricate and machine the most custom of parts, in any size. Our location gives us access to serving the Space Coast’s diverse industries, including aerospace. We deliver quality parts to our customers by combining out extensive capabilities with experienced machining.

The most advanced machine of its kind.


Largest Formats

We are to manufacture the largest of parts, on any scale.

  • Max Table Load: 33,000 lb
  • Table Size: 158″ x 79″

5-Sided Machining Center

The modern technology of our machine has extended y-axis travel giving us drilling access to all 5 sides of your part.

Automatic 90-degree tool-changing head

Auto-rotation every 1″ allows us to machine all 5 sides of your part without additional set-up. Headstock options include 30 degree, 90 degree, extension, and manual universal.


Wireless probing system for parts and tooling to ensure part tolerances are achieved every time. 

Our machines are capable of manufacturing parts of most metal materials, such as: stainless steel, brass, copper, specialty alloys, aluminum,
and carbon steel.